Standard Features:

  • Sensor (for Printed Films) or Counter Film Indexing
  • Temperature Controlled Heating
  • Simple Push Button Operation
  • Air Pressure Controlled Sealing
  • Seal up to 10 Cycles Per Minute
  • Adjustable Film Advancement
  • Auto Lift Tray Plate for Easy Product Removal
  • Compact Table Top Design


  • Gas Flush System
  • Extra Die Sets
  • Custom Voltage

Please note: Specifications are subject to change without notice




The Promarks VT series of tray sealers are an ideal solution for a variety of packaging needs. The VT109 is available in either a dual-cup or single-tray configuration. Perfect for creating a tamper-proof seal over salads, soups, grated cheeses, precooked meals, sauces, and endless other possibilities, the VT 109 solves all types of sanitation and storage problems for a large number of items sold every day. This machine is simple to operate as well; simply load your cup or tray, press start, and in less than three seconds you will have a clean, airtight seal.



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