Standard Features:

  • 6 Knives for High Quality Production
  • Two Speed Bowl Motor Control
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bowl Construction
  • Safety Bowl Brake Mechanism
  • Product Discharge System
  • 25HP Variable Motor Drive for Knife




The Promarks’ TCM-65 bowl cutter is the perfect machine for the mid-sized processor with a maximum batch capacity of 100 pounds. Weighing in just shy of one ton, these machines are built to last a lifetime and also meet the safety requirements and speed demands that customers expect.

Our TCM-65 provides the ultimate flexibility in producing the ideal consistency for a variety of products such as sausage, hot dogs, bologna, ground beef, processed cheese, and many others. Designed to produce superior results, we have incorporated features on our 65-liter bowl cutter that are not normally seen on comparable models.

For example, the cutting system consists of six superior quality stainless steel knives that are engineered and balanced to produce the ideal cut while preventing jam ups. Our knife drive system is powered by a 25Hp motor controlled by a variable frequency drive that allows speed adjustments of 500-4200 RPM. The bowl motor has a low and high speed setting that allows for further adjustment.

The extra thick Plexiglas cover along with overall construction was engineered to reduce operating noise to a minimum. The machine’s exterior panels and framing consists of a heavy gauge stainless steel that can easily be hosed off and cleaned after operation. The water resistant controls include a programmable board for speed and time adjustments while the temperature gauge allows for monitoring of the internal product temperature.

Spices, liquids, or ice can easily be added to the product during operation via the small access cover on the acrylic lid. All of the machine’s sensitive electronics are fully enclosed to prevent water infiltration while still providing easy access. A motorized product UN-Loader is another standard feature that saves time when removing product from the bowl. The rotating wheel and bowl are synchronized to start upon lowering of the unloading arm providing a smooth, flawless operation.

Numerous safety features have been incorporated into our bowl cutters to prevent accidental injury. The machine will automatically stop knife and bowl rotation under the following conditions:

  • Upon lifting of the acrylic lid
  • Engagement of the emergency stop button
  • Pushing or pulling up on the cover lift arm


Safety, integrity, efficiency, and results were all carefully balanced when creating the industry leading TCM-65. No other machine can match the features and design while remaining competitively priced.



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