Standard Features:

  • PD-01 Basic Digital Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clear See-Through Lid
  • Bladder Activated Sealing
  • Busch RB0021(1.25HP) Vacuum Pump
  • 6mm Seal
  • UL, CSA & NSF Certified & Labeled


  • PNC-01 Microprocessor Control
  • 4mm Flat Seal or Cut-Off Seal
  • Soft Air
  • Bi-Active Seal
  • Air Assist Sealing
  • Gas Flush System
  • Twin Beam Sealing

Please note: Specifications are subject to change without notice




The model TC-350FLR is a vacuum chamber sealing machine that was designed with several special applications in mind including fish products and longer cuts of meat like pork loins. One of the special features you will find in the TC-350FLR is three seal bars, one in the front, one on the right side and one on the left side. This arrangement along with a selector switch that allows the operator to choose either the left and right bars, the front bar or all three allows the machine to handle several very long bags or a greater number of shorter bags depending on the product being vacuum sealed. Like all Promarks’ chamber vacuum sealers the housing and the chamber cavity are constructed of all # 304 stainless steel and the machine has been ETL tested and certified to meet both UL and CSA safety standards as well as NSF sanitary standards making this model an ideal fit for any facility were such standards are mandatory. As with any model vacuum chamber sealing machine the heart of the TC-350FLR is the vacuum pump and Promarks‘ would never settle for less than a Busch vacuum pump (model RB0021). Promarks’ recognizes the importance of an easy to use and accurate control system and meets those requirements with the standard basic digital control panel (PD-01). For those users that require more than basic controls there is the option of the powerful microprocessor based PNC-01 control panel that allows for multi-stage gas flush (if thee machine has the optional gas flush system) soft air venting as well as a 14 recipe memory. Other options lie a gas flush system and air assist seal system allow the TC-350FLR to handle a wide variety of food and non-food applications.


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