Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Efficient Electric Heating
  • Programmable Temperature Control
  • Simple Push Button Cycle Operation
  • Low Water Shut-Off Protection and Warning Light
  • Easy Access for Cleaning and Maintenance
  • High Efficiency Insulation for Heat Retention
  • Easy Fill and Drain Tank

Note – Power Requirements:

  • 230/60Hz, 3-phase
  • 50 Amp


  • Custom Voltage

Please note: Specifications are subject to change without notice




Our compact ST-10 is a semi-automatic shrink dip tank. Used in conjunction with a vacuum chamber machine and shrink bags, this machine is ideal for small to medium-sized operations. By means of hot water submersion, the shrinking process is performed with the simple push of a button. Switch into automatic mode and our machines will cycle on their own with a preset delay to allow time for loading. An easy-to-use temperature control and timer provides trouble-free operation. Quality is evident in the robust construction of our machines which are built with a stainless steel frame and body. Promarks puts our best into every machine we make, including the ST-10.


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