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Compact Commercial Vacuum Sealer and Packaging Machines

The Promax TC vacuum sealer is a compact commercial packaging machine. What makes PromaxVac machines so durable is the quality of the components including its world-class vacuum pump made by Busch.  No other equipment manufacturer can offer such quality at such a competitive price point.

Busch Vacuum Pumps is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and Promax is proud to have their high-quality product on our vacuum machines.

Why are pumps important?

Vacuum pumps are the most expensive component of the packaging machine; and an integral part of the packaging system that is the key to removing air from the package. For vacuum packaging machines, it can be said that ‘the stronger the pump, the better the results.’

A failing pump may not be immediately noticeable and may result in higher energy cost, poor performance, and eventual failure – this typically occurs within six to eight months. Purchasing a vacuum packaging machine with a quality pump will save you from downtime, replacement parts, and labor.

To learn about vacuum pumps, check out this article on industrial vacuums and see how vacuum pumps work.

What makes Promax better?

There’s a lot of machines out there on the market, and like our competitors, we all focus on quality and cost, but what makes our machines better is that we focus on the overall cost of ownership and your immediate access to support from our expert staff.

We also account for maintenance frequency and service intervals to reduce general downtime but also overall durability to prevent failures during your most critical times.

Our practice is to keep on-hand replacement parts and with Promax dealers across the country and around the world, we can provide service and support to any of our machines quickly.


If you need immediate support for your Promax vacuum machine, please contact our support team at support@promaxvac.com or call us.  For your convenience, we have thousands of replacement parts and maintenance kits in stock.

We carry a large selection of vacuum sealing bags in stock and ready to be shipped! Call us at (949) 478-1555 or email us and let us know how many you need and where you need us to send it.

If you want your product to stand out, we can help you make custom vacuum bags for your product.  Looking for something really custom? Whatever the design, we can get you the right look for your product. Check out packaging designers on Fiverr.

The TC series requires very little maintenance, in daily use good operating conditions, maintenance can be as often as once every three to five years. In heavy usage, or freezing conditions, or excessive heat the maintenance cycles can be more frequent approximately between two to four years.

Typically the rubber seals and the Teflon strips will need to be replaced during the maintenance cycles.  Additionally, it’s a good idea to have the pump tested just as a precaution.

High Quality Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine

The PromaxVac TC series is a commercial grade vacuum sealing machine that is compact and capable of packaging food, electronics and other sensitive items that need to be protected from the elements.  The TC vacuum packaging machine is small enough to fit on any standard counter-top, making it the ideal choice for small food processors, retailers, restaurants, and laboratories.

Primarily used for preserving fresh meats, vacuum packaging has been found to be beneficial in other industries such as pharmaceuticals and electronics, so Promarks products are finding their way into all sorts of industries.

All of our chamber machines are constructed of a high-quality stainless steel that results in our machines looking better longer. With the option of basic digital or fully programmable controls, you can decide what will best suit your needs. The removable seal bars can be fitted with your choice of a single 6mm wide seal or opt for a thinner seal with hot wire cut-off if that is your preference.

Busch vacuum pumps are the standard in our industry so we offer them in all of the chamber machines we sell except the TC280. The Italian-made DVP vacuum pump is also an option if you want to control costs. These pumps will maintain reliability while saving you money.We realize that cost consciousness may be very important to you and we try to offer you quality pieces at lower prices whenever possible.

All Promax machines are produced to the highest standards. All Promax machines are manufactured with the highest quality materials including a Busch pump and guaranteed to meet the standards of ETL, UL and NSF.