Although vacuum chamber sealers are best known use is food packaging they are used in a wide variety of industries. They are also used in the electronics, medical and pharmaceutical industries just to name a few.

In the food industry in general and in the meat industry in particular the major reason to use a vacuum chamber sealer in to eliminate oxygen from the package as oxygen is a major factor in food spoilage. In most meat packaging applications you are looking for the lowest residual oxygen possible inside your package and this is where vacuum chamber sealers with their fully enclosed vacuum cavities and large oil filled, vane type vacuum pumps really shine.

In many industries, outside of the food industry, vacuum chamber sealers are used for “dry packing applications”. One example of this type of packaging is where computer processor chips are vacuum sealed along with desiccants in order to eliminate moisture buildup inside the package during over sea transport. Eliminating oxygen from the package prevents the desiccant used from being overcome during transport time.

When considering a vacuum chamber sealer there are several important things to consider. These include primary construction material, type and brand of vacuum pump used and international certifications and approvals the brand and model you are considering has.

For the sake of durability the best primary construction material is stainless steel, especially for the vacuum cavity. Keep in mind if you are packaging a food product then the grade of stainless used must be a food grade material, such as # 304 stainless steel.

Most vacuum chamber sealers use an oil filled vane type vacuum pump. To assure that the machine you are purchasing has a high quality vacuum pump look for a brand of vacuum pump manufactured in either Europe or the USA.

Some of the specific international certifications and approvals you should look for include UL, for meeting USA safety standards, CSA, for meeting Canadian safety standards and an NSF approval for any food packaging applications as this approval guarantees that the machine you are considering is constructed using food grade material and that the design meets rigid design specification ensuring easy cleaning and sanitizing.

All of the above criteria should be taken into account no matter what style of vacuum chamber sealer you are considering for your production. Most manufactures offer three basic styles. The smallest is the table top style, the next size up is the single free standing style and the largest type is the double chamber style. The double chamber style is offered most commonly in the swing lid design where on lid is moved back and forth between two flat surface working bed areas as this style promotes easy clean up. However there are still some double chamber style machines that offer two separate vacuum cavity areas and two separate lids.


So what is the Best Vacuum Chamber Sealer for Your Application?


In addition to the points mentioned above you need to take into account the following items, the largest bag you will be working with, the production output required today as well as future growth during the usable life expectancy of the machine. The time frame in which you would like to see the daily production output completed in. An example would be that your bag size can be handled by one of the larger single free standing units but the fact that with this style of machine you must wait for the entire cycle to be completed before unloading and reloading more product slows the process to the point that reaching the required daily production becomes very tight you might consider the alternative of a swing lid double chamber. In this style of machine as soon as product is loaded and the vacuum /sealing cycle has begun your machine operator is free to begin loading the opposite side of the flat working bed area rather than waiting for the vacuum / sealing cycle to be completed. This benefit of the double chamber style machine can almost double production in some cases. If you have some further question please contact us via phone or e-mail.


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