There’s lots going on and sometimes its exciting and sometimes it’s not, but in the frozen meat and poultry packaging industry and we wanted to share some items that may make you think.

In terms of implementation and innovation, we are seeing more and more re-sealable products. You find it in the freezer, you use it, and you re-close it. You can use it again and again. Also there are more portion packaging options, where you can buy a few pounds in bulk and it comes packed in portions. It alleviates the problem most people have when they open a product and shove the rest back into the freezer, where it gets freezer burn.  Instead, it remains fresh and flavorful and it will look just as good as the day you purchased it.

And what about those saddle packs of chicken breasts you throw them in the freezer. Rip one off for dinner, and none of the others get ruined by freezer burned. You don’t have to make six pounds of chicken and then make leftovers. Good stuff.

Okay, so we’re light on innovations, but what about implementation-wise?  In terms of the processing technology, there’s an increase in automation and robotics. There’s also something called collaborative robots. That’s an area where there are very good applications for robots, and it is starting to gain traction. As time moves forward we will see a significant increase in the use of robots in meat and poultry. One of the biggest concerns for processors is cost followed by the availability of labor. the availability of labor and the cost of labor are two significant drivers of this change.

So the bottom line here is that the availability of labor and the cost processing are two major drivers of all changes in the meat processing industry.