Vacuum packaging is used in nearly all industries and is a method of packaging that is designed to prevent outside elements from contaminating the enclosed product.  Vacuum packaged products can range from greased bearings to sensitive medical equipment but is the primary method for packaging food, not limited to dry food, meats, pork, and poultry.

The process of removing air from packaging and keeping air out by heat sealing the packaging can extend shelf life of any fresh perishable product by up to five times its normal life.  Micro-organisms that can be dangerous need air to oxygenate, but by vacuuming out the air from around the food prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, pathogens and other dangerous contaminants. Once the moist air is removed and the package is sealed, the oxygen levels drop, causing the carbon dioxide levels increase; the low oxygen and carbon dioxide rich environment slows the growth of harmful organisms, allowing longer shelf life.

Although vacuum packaged goods prevent harmful organisms from growing, most vacuum packaged products still need to be refrigerated to prevent decay (spoilage).  Spoilage is different than bacterial contamination because its physical makeup requires the appropriate physical environment to maintain its physical composition – otherwise, the product will begin to physically decay.

For commercial vacuum packaging, you will need a vacuum packaging machine like the ones from Promaxvac.  There are various types of vacuum packaging machines available from tabletop vacuum machines to double chamber vacuum machines for continuous vacuum machines to customized rolling vacuum machines.  The options are endless and it’s really something you should speak to a professional about.

Anyone, who buys, sells, transports or stores perishable food products should have a vacuum packaging machine or some kind of method to keep their product safe from contamination and spoilage.  The overwhelming advantages are:

  • Improve shelf life = increase profits
  • Reduce shrinkage, waste, and loss due to decay and spoilage
  • Distribution benefits for bulk reseller purchasing fish, bacon, coffee, nuts, processed meats and other kinds of foods.
  • Vacuum process can enhance the product quality.
  • Vacuum packaging allows for more efficiency with preparation.

It’s important to note that vacuum packaging is NOT a substitute for clean and sanitary preparation conditions.  What vacuum packaging prevents is small organisms growth and not cross contamination of full-blown organisms that are already developed; again we stress that all food handlers ensure the proper pH levels and appropriate storage with temperature controls, otherwise the packaged product may not reach its optimum shelf-life and could be hazardous to a person’s health if consumed.

For more information about vacuum packaged good speak with a Promax Vac sales specialist at (949) 478-1555.