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Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Better known as the “workhorses” within the vacuum packaging industry, the Promax DC Series of double chamber vacuum sealing machines are designed to withstand the high demands of continuous commercial use.  This double vacuum chamber machine is constructed of fully reinforced chamber deck, a solid stainless steel base, and thick gauge lid enclosure.

Promax manufactures a comprehensive line of double chamber vacuum equipment with machines that range from 21” seal bars to over 39” and span a wide variety of widths.  Our unique line of equipment also features protection for the control panel with a rotating display that prevents the controls from being damaged during the course of operation.  This is a seemingly simple feature that saves our customers the expense of replacing control board components and buttons each year. With just a simple push of the panel, the user can fold the controls up and down during operation.

The Promax double chamber series of machines are made with standard protections for critical components; the Promaxvac DC series machines are PNC-01 programmable and contain a water-resistant panel that is IP56-rated for additional protection.


Time is money in commercial productions and that’s why Promax has designed its equipment to be durable but the design team has also been focused on improving uptime for the unexpected and emergency maintenances that can occur during production. In an effort to keep our customer’s production lines moving Promaxvac has designed its double chamber machines with easily removable cushion bars and spacer boards to make cleaning the deck surface fast and efficient. Our spring design that assists in lifting the lid provides a smooth and easy back and forth movement that makes production more efficient and is less fatiguing for workers.

Making seals, bars, and spacer boards easy to replace helps keep production lines moving because there is no need to stop the line to wait for maintenance; no special tools necessary to quickly replace seal wire, cushions, bars, or any other components. By simply having a spare part on hand, you can be back up and running in under five minutes without any special tools.

All Promarks machines containing Busch pumps are guaranteed to meet the standards of ETL, UL and NSF.
In order to be the best we believe in using the best, and that is why Busch vacuum pumps come standard in all of our double-chamber machines. Find out for yourself what thousands of others around the world have known for years; choose Promaxvac for your product packaging needs.

DC-530 comes standard with our PD-01 basic digital control panel. The PNC-01 is optional equipment on this machine.


We produce high-quality commercial vacuum packaging and heat sealing equipment and we have an experienced staff of technical experts ready to assist you with your equipment, please contact us by phone or send us an email and let us know how we can help.

Because we are the manufacturer, we have just about every part in stock and ready to ship! Depending on where you are in the world, we can have most parts to you within 24 hours.

Some parts are universal and can fit other machines, but please check with your original manufacturer to make sure that your warranty doesn’t already cover your part.  Of course, we can always help you find the right part!  Just contact us.

Promaxvac DC Series Value

Experienced equipment buyers know very well that the advertised price of equipment is the “entry price” and instead consider the annualized cost of the equipment. Experts understand that the total cost of ownership is dependent on the anticipated maintenance cycles, estimated repair of common failures, and anticipated downtime.

Put a Promax machine next to any of its competitors and you’ll find the difference – immediately.  Though visibly they look similar but look a little closer and the stubble differences will be quite apparent.  You’ll notice that Promax uses high-gauge steel, instead of aluminum; you’ll see our water resistant IPX rated control board; you’ll see our durable commercial casters; you’ll notice the lid is better; the seals are more durable and easy to replace…

Wait – Promax seals are easy to replace? That’s right, one of the biggest innovations is also one of the biggest advantages of owning a Promax machine. Promax has minimized the need for special tools and specialized staff to replace bars, seals, seal wire and other common parts by making a quick release that allows untrained technicians to quickly change critical, yet simple parts. To this point (and although we use Busch Vacuums), we’d like to share a competitor’s document at Tuthill, where they have published Vacuum System Troubleshooting for their vacuum equipment – it’s nice that they have one, but it really a little concerning that this document is for their new equipment.

In all, Promax provides its customers with the utmost value and lowest cost of ownership with localized inventory and support through our many dealer channels, Promax machines are made with highest quality parts including a Busch Vacuum System that meets the strict durability requirements that our customers should expect.

Equipment buying experts agree that while there are cheaper machines on the market, Promaxvac machines are durable for long-term commercial use with quality that far exceeds that of their competitors – as they have since 1989.