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Vacuum Tumbler Machine

Vaccum Tumbler Machine


Promarksvac TM & TMC Series Vacuum Marinating Tumblers & Massagers


Promarksvac manufactures two series of vacuum marinating tumblers & massagers. Their TMC Series features a non-continuous vacuum system and is their most cost conscious line of tumblers and their TM Series feature continuous vacuum systems in both tumblers and the higher throughput massager models.

We are often asked why choose would I choose one type of vacuum system over the other and that is a good question and the answer lies in what system best meets your needs. In order to find the answer you  need to consider all of your needs, economic, type of product, desired results, ease of use as well as others that may be on your list. With this in mind let us take a closer look at the two different vacuum systems.


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