• The Best Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machines for Beef, Fish and Poultry

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Promarks prides itself on quality. Our job is to keep your job moving and that means less downtime, fewer maintenance cycles, and durable products. Call us today and see why so many companies trust our quality.


Your success is our success and so our goal is to build a machine that satisfies your business with service that satisfies you. Our Promax machines are backed by the best warranty in the industry with maintenance parts in stock.


We’ve created durable machines that is easy to maintain.  We have been able to improve food packaging operations by creating simple quick release mechanisms that reduce line interruptions by 80%. Less downtime means more productivity which is why more people are choosing a Promax machine.


We’re a global company with the capability to deliver anywhere in the world.  Our logistics teams are ready to help you get your operation up and running.

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